CNN Funcionarios chinos dieron a conocer este mi rcoles nuevos detalles sobre sus planes para enviar una misi n tripulada a la Luna.

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llevar algo or a alguien to transport something or someone Pedro nos llev al aeropuerto. Pedro took us to the airport. llevar ingrediente to have or include an ingredient A mi madre le gusta todo lo que lleva chocolate. My mother likes anything with chocolate in it..

Amor Para Llevar.

English translation.

Artist lvaro Soler. Song Amor Para Llevar • Album Magia. •.. English




Turkish. Translations English

English Alternative forms take out

take out.

Etymology. From the verb phrase take out. Adjective. takeout not comparable.


Of food intended to be eaten off the premises from which it was bought. Synonyms. takeaway chiefly Britain.

Australia and New Zealand carryout

to go Scotland and some dialects in the U S amp

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All info on El Puchero Comidas para llevar in Ponteareas Call to book a table. View the menu.

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llevar algo or a alguien to transport something or someone Pedro nos llev al aeropuerto Pedro took us to the ai
to sport a type of clothing or style No es necesario llevar el sombrero. It isn t necessary to wear your hat..

Caf para llevar Directed by Patricia Font With Alexandra Jim nez
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Jordi Dom nech Busy discussing the details of her wedding on the phone

Alicia walks into the first cafe she sees and orders a coffee to go

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The Spanish Verb Llevar. The Spanish verb llevar usually means “to take” or “to carry.

” although it can have various other meanings depending on the context Native English speakers often confuse it with
which mearns “to bring ”

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